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I move through my days lighthearted and carefree, knowing all is well.
Deepak Chopra

About Me

About the Owner - Heather Smith Rasmussen

Heather feels grateful helping others by sharing ideas on health and wellness and taking good care of their bodies! With great enthusiasm, she works with people, companion animals and horses. TTouch and end-of-life care (hospice) for people and animals are passions of hers as well. While the very idea of death or dying causes many to crumble, Heather summons an inner strength and answers a call-to-action to bring comfort and dignity to the patient and family.  When she started her company in 2003, her focus was on helping victims of civil rights trespasses; but through fascinating twists and turns, she's arrived at her newest calling. Once she discovered LifeWave patches in 2012, she knew she must share this amazing nanotechnology for better health, better sleep, anti-aging, appetite control and (best of all, she'll tell you) drug-free pain management! The looks on the faces are precisely the same when pain relief is achieved in seconds or minutes -- be it human, horse, or dog ... and she never grows tired of seeing the grateful gaze of renewed hope!

Heather realizes that her work must come from her heart.  Over the years she has poured love into her occupations, including search and rescue pilot, civil rights investigator and workplace grievance mediator, civil servant for the Federal Aviation Administration, a brief stint as a blog writer, volunteer for Hospice of the Valley (on a pet therapy team with her Labrador), hospice training panel speaker, and character-based education volunteer (employing horses as facilitators; known as TRRFCC Horsemanship.)  Now, her childhood connection with animals has been rekindled in her current passion to learn and share the magic of TTouch.  With a goal to become a practitioner, Heather can be found studying every wonderful book penned by world-renowned horsewoman, Linda Tellington-Jones.

A native Arizonan, Heather is Mom to beautiful twin daughters, Wife to a wonderful aviator, Alpha to a lovable Labrador, and Cowgirl to her three Quarter Horse mares.

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