Equitable Solutions LLC            Proudly owned and operated by Heather Smith Rasmussen


Heather Smith Rasmussen wishes you abundant health!  LifeWave products (including AcuLife for horses), TTouch, nutrition, thinking, intent, attention, love and care: the quality ingredients of Equitable Solutions, LLC. She likes to think her company shines above the rest. But, don't just take her word for it .....

Clients give her rave reviews!  Whether it's the extensive time she gives to achieve perfect patch placement and take pain away, the cheerful help given to people wishing to slim down without yo-yo dieting, or up-all-night in a barn providing tender care to a hospice horse, she brings integrity and joy to every interaction and her clients simply love her!!

Well known for:

  • Taking as much time as needed with every client
  • Trust
  • Cheerful approach
  • Honesty
"Hi Heather - Just had to write and brag about how well the IceWave patch helped me last night. I woke up at 2am with really bad pain in my rib cage; I am sure it is muscle pain, not a cracked rib; they just seem to get more sore as the days progress. So I thought, why not get up and try the patches there. It's now 11am and I am walking around with one crutch and the pain in that area has decreased 50%! (I still had my hip patched.)" June 20, 2013

Pam S., Cave Creek, AZ
"I have found that the LifeWave (IceWave) patches knock out the occasional pain that I get from arthritis, which I appreciate since I’m not fond of the side effects of over the counter medications. Heather’s approach is simply to teach and inform, allowing me to make a decision about what will work best for me. I appreciate her ability to trust people to make a decision about what will work best for them."

Cheryl B, Scottsdale, AZ

"In January, 2013, I was introduced to AcuLife by Heather as a potential solution to my 20 year old gelding’s pulled stifle pain. My gelding had been hurting for several days following a riding accident. He was in so much pain he would move away from me even when I went to approach him in his stall which is so unlike him. When I was able to get close to him, he would react to my touch around the stifle area by flinching and immediately moving his leg away from me. After attending an AcuLife clinic and witnessing firsthand Heather’s passionate and caring approach to the horses combined with the results of AcuLife I knew immediately that I had to give it a try. I knew I did not want my horse to be on pain meds for the long term. Heather made a special visit to my ranch. Her gentle approach in assessing the entire body of my horse and not just the stifle area greatly impressed me. She took her time using TTouch to get to know my horse, explained exactly what she was doing and identified an additional area of discomfort for him in his neck I never would have found on my own. After applying the AcuLife patches to his affected areas the pain relief was immediate. He allowed both Heather and myself to touch his stifle area.  I could see it in his eyes and the way he carried himself back to the stall from that point that my horse was feeling relief from a pain which had been plaguing him for several long days. I used AcuLife for almost 3 weeks following Heather’s visit and my boy was doing much better. I have not hesitated to use or recommend the use of AcuLife with Heather’s service to anyone who has a horse. I am forever grateful to have found such a genuine and effective combination- Thank you!"

Julee J, Cave Creek, AZ

"With the many time zone changes I experience working as an airline captain, the invention of LifeWave's Theta Mind for focus and memory leaves me feeling refreshed and on task - even if my day began at 3AM on the east coast. My passengers count on me to remain sharp and stay focused no matter what the weather or air traffic congestion into major cities. Thanks, Heather! I don't leave home without Theta in my flight bag!"

Brian R, Cave Creek, AZ
Above, see the joy on Tim Randle's face as he experiences his pain levels dropping from a 6 to a 2 in mere seconds! Thanks, Tim!  We absolutely loved your energy and enthusiasm!! :))
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